Friday, July 22, 2016

Enkhuizen, North Holland, The Netherlands - 26th April, 2016

Enkhuizen, North Holland, The Netherlands - 26th April, 2016.

Enkhuizen is a municipality and a city in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland and the region of West-Frisia. Enkuizen has one of the largest marinas in the Netherlands. Zuiderzeemuseum is located in Enkhuizen. Architecturally, the Drommedaris is the oldest building in Enkhuizen, from 1540. To read more about Enkhuizen, click here:

This film features views around Enkhuizen, featuring aspects of its infrastructure, architecture, culture, geography, history and natural features. Within the film, the following locations and features are identified: Dijk, Oude Haven, Drommedaris, Het Landje van Top, Buitenhaven, Zuider Havendijk, Oosterhaven, Wierdijk, Zuiderzee Museum, Compagnieshaven, Houtribdijk, Groene Wierdijk, Bernardus Paludanus, Nieuwstraat, Zuiderkerk, Zuiderkerkplein, Melkmarkt and the boat Friesland, as well as views from it as it leaves Enkhuizen bound for Medemblik.

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