Friday, June 24, 2016

Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany - June 2016

Ilmenau is a town in Thuringia, Germany. It is the largest town within the Ilm district with a population of 26,000, while the district capital is Arnstadt. Ilmenau is located approximately 33 km (21 miles) south of Erfurt and 135 km (84 miles) north of Nuremberg within the Ilm valley at the northern edge of the Thuringian Forest at an elevation of 500 metres (1,640 feet). To read more about Ilmenau, click here: .

This film features views around the town of Ilmenau. It highlights the town's infrastructure, streets, architecture, transport, art and culture. Within the film are the following locations and features: Ilmenau University of Technology, Ernst Abbe Zentrum, Hans-Stamm-Campus, Ilmenauer Teich, Nelson Mandela Brücke, Eisenbahn, Bahnhof Ilmenau, Kickelhahnturm, Bus Bahnhof, AOK Plus Building, Bahndamm, Frederick-Ebert-Straße, Bahnhofstraße, Volkschocschule, Wetzlaer Platz, Liquid Chronometer, Poststraße, Thermometersäule, Mara Hotel, Kirchplatz, St. Jakobus Church, Jakobuskirche, Marktstraße, Marktplatz, Rathaus, Goethe Stadt Museum, Goethe Statue, Hennebrunnen, Friedrich-Hofmann-Straße, Str. Des Friedens, Apothekerbrunnen, Lindenstraße, Hotel Tanne, Fish Ladder, Fischtreppe, River Ilm, Waldstraße, Bahnhof Ilmenau Bad, Zur Schortemühle, Schaubergwelk Volle Rose, and Ilmenau Alstadt Fest 2016.

Most of the final 10 minutes of the film consists of Ilmenau's Alstadt Fest, including performances on the rock stage as well as the main stage. Finally the film ends with the journey away from Ilmenau towards Erfurt on the 'Forest Train'.

Ilmenau is a lovely traditional town, and I would urge anyone to visit.

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