Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review: Mercador Luxury Apartments, Lisbon, Portugal - May 2016

I stayed at the Mercador Luxury Apartments in June 2016. Two of us stayed there for 5 nights, bed and breakfast, which cost 625 Euro with booking.com. Upon arrival at the apartments, we were met by 'Juan', who was very helpful, and provided us with information about Lisbon, and his mobile number / whatsapp in case we needed to contact him again whilst there.

The apartment was lovely, the decor was period traditional Portugese mixed with something more contemporary, and the apartment did feel very luxurious. The breakfast is in the fridge of the apartment, which includes eggs, bread, yoghurts, milk, fruit juice, tea, coffee, cheese, jam, cereal and cooked meats. It is an apartment, so you cook this yourself, but that was fine with us. All of the facilities for cooking were contained within the apartment.

We had a very nice stay here, we enjoyed the central location, and close proximity to Avenida Metro station for getting around. If you are looking to stay in Lisbon, and you don't want a busy hotel, then this apartment may be worth considering.

This film features views of the apartment, including exterior street views, views of the communal hallway, stairs and landing, and views around our apartment, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Mercador Luxury Apartments, which was very comfortable indeed. I would definitely consider staying here again in future.

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