Sunday, January 25, 2015

Riga Central Station, Latvia - 20th January, 2015 Riga Central Station is the name of the main railway station and the surrounding district in Riga city centre. It is known as the main point of Riga due to its location near Central Station, and most forms of public transport stop in this area. Central Station is bigger than just the square in front of the station; it includes shops, public transport stops and various buildings. To read more about Riga Central Station, click here: . This film features views of passenger trains arriving and departing from Riga Central Station. The footage is taken from the platform, and from Neo Bar in the station clock tower. There is also footage of passengers trains, light engines and a track maintenance unit on the embankment between the station and Dzelzcela Bridge, some of this is taken from the Avalon Hotel. To see a film of railways in Latvia, click here: . To see a film of views from Neo Bar in Riga Central Station clock tower, click here: . To see a film of the Avalon Hotel, Riga, click here: . To see a film of Riga, click here: . To see a film of Riga at night with Christmas lights, click here: . If you liked this film there are many more like it on my YouTube channel, which can be found at . Please do check out my channel and subscribe to my videos by clicking the red subscribe button. You can also find my travel films and photography updates on the following: Facebook: please like my Facebook page; WordPress: please follow my blog by clicking the +Follow link; Tumblr: please follow my blog by clicking the +Follow button; Blogger: please follow my blog by bookmarking the page; Google+ just add +stuartmoss ; and You can follow my travels on Twitter @mosstraveltv or by visiting .

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