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Hotel Review: Maritim Königswinter, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany - Ma...

Hotel Review: Maritim Königswinter, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany - March 2016.

I stayed at the Maritim Hotel in Königswinter in March, 2016 for two nights, paying £205, room only. Upon arrival my room was upgraded to a junior suite, which I was extremely pleased about. The junior suite has a separate lounge and bedroom as well as a bathroom. The suite was very plush and came with a river view. I was genuinely very, very happy with the room I had been given.

Unfortunately my initial happiness was soured the next day when I found out that the room I had been allocated was next door to workmen who were working on the building internally. From just after 8am for most of the next day all i could hear was banging and drilling, which drove me out of the hotel completely. I was in Königswinter to get some writing done, and was hoping to make full use of my room - it turned out that I was unable to do this due to the excessive noise.

I did complain at reception, but the reception staff (who were very polite) explained that the hotel was completely full and there was nowhere else that I could go.

The internal building work also meant that the hotel's swimming pool was out of order. I had actually booked this specific hotel due to the fact that it had a swimming pool, so this was a huge disappointment to me.

I love visiting Königswinter, and this in my previous experience has been a great hotel, but on this occasion I felt very badly let down by the hotel's management, who did not offer me any compensation for my inconvenience or even a complimentary breakfast.

I decided to cut short my review of the hotel due to quite frankly being annoyed by this happening. I have previously enjoyed staying at the Maritim Königswinter, and I am not ruling out staying there again in future, but I will certainly ensure if I do stay there again that there is no building work happening.

This film features views of the hotel, a tour of room 102, views from room 102, the restaurant and breakfast buffet - which is very good, but also very expensive at 19 Euro per person per day.

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