Saturday, April 16, 2016

Train Journey from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Malmö (Sweden) - 7th January,...

This film features views from a train travelling from
Copenhangen Central station in Denmark, to Malmö Central Station in Sweden.
This international journey involves crossing the Øresund Bridge, which is the
longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, which carries both the railway
line and the E20 motorway between Denmark and Sweden. The journey between
Denmark and Malmö is interrupted with a change of trains at Copenhagen Airport
for passport control purposes. This proved to be minimally inconvenient.
Passports were also checked upon arrival in Sweden at Hyllie.

This film features views and some identification of
locations along the way, including: Copenhagen Central Station / Københavns
Hovedbanegård, Ørestad, Tårnby, Copenhagen Airport / Københavns Lufthavn,
Kastrup, E20 Motorway, Øresund Bridge, Hyllie, Triangeln and Malmö Central
Station / Malmö centralstation.

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