Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meanwhile in Leeds (Part 2) January - March 2016. Leeds, West Yorkshire,...

Meanwhile in Leeds (Part 2) January - March, 2016.
Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. In 2011, according to the UK Census, Leeds built-up subdivision had a population of 474,632. It is part of the City of Leeds metropolitan borough which has an estimated population of 757,700 (2011). To read more about Leeds, click here: .
This is the second of a series of short burst art films that I am going to make depicting the city of Leeds. The film is taken at varying locations in and around the city of Leeds, including it's suburbs. It is taken from the street, in pubs, in shopping centres, from station platforms, at the airport, from buses,  on buses, from trains, on trains, from cars, and on aeroplanes. The film contains over 100 5 second clips shot randomly of life in Leeds.  Enjoy!
To see my first Meanwhile in Leeds film, click here: .
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