Monday, January 11, 2016

Leeds Railway Station South Entrance & Granary Wharf, West Yorkshire, En...

Leeds Railway Station South Entrance & Granary Wharf,
West Yorkshire, England - 10th January, 2016

Leeds railway station (also known as Leeds City railway
station) is the mainline railway station serving the city centre of Leeds in
West Yorkshire, England. To read more about Leeds railway station, click here: .

Construction of Leeds Station Southern Entrance (LSSE) began
in December 2013. The structure was completed in January 2016. The building
cost £20m to construct, and opened on Sunday 3rd January, 2016. Read more about
the LSSE, here: .

The LSSE leads out onto Granary Wharf, which is a shopping,
bar, restaurant and apartment area built in and around the brick tunnels
underneath Leeds railway station and above the River Aire on Dark Neville
Street in Leeds. The tunnel complex is known locally as the Dark Arches. To
read more about Granary Wharf, click here:

This film features views of the LSSE, from inside and out,
including: the views leaving the station via the LSSE; views beneath the
entrance of the dark arches and the roaring River Aire, which is flowing at a
higher than normal rate; views of the high-tech architecture of the LSSE; views
of the River Aire including erosion caused by the last time the River ran at
flood level; buildings around Granary Wharf, including the Double Tree by
Hilton and Candle House; and the views back up the LSSE into Leeds Railway

Design and architecture are key themes of this film.

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