Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today I have missed my first ever flight, I was 10 minutes late getting to the check-in desk. I take between 20 and 30 flights a year, so I guess in the lottery of flight missing that it was my turn. It's going to put me out of pocket (although hopefully my insurance will pick most of this up). It's also going to inconvenience me greatly and a number of my students, as I'm supposed to be back in the office tomorrow. I guess I should get angry about this as none of it is my fault, I had planned everything perfectly but things out of my control went wrong. In fact I'm not angry at all, yes it's been a bit stressful, but I'm remarkably calm, because at least I'm still here, at least I'm still alive. Unlike the poor desperate sod who decided to throw themself in front of a train north of Frankfurt delaying me by 3 hours. My inconvenience is absolutely nothing compared to how his or her family must be feeling right now. Just remember, there's always somebody in a worse position than what you are... #travel @deutschebahn @jet2_holidays

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