Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Neroberg, Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany - 6th August, 2014

http://ift.tt/1sUmVus This film features views of the Nerobergbahn, a water and gravity powered funicular railway, which travels up a hill called the Neroberg in Wiesbaden. The train is powered by the weight of water and gravity, which takes one unit down the hill, while at the same time pulling a second unit up the hill. Water is taken on at the top and released at the bottom, thus creating a weight differentiation. The film features views of the train and viaduct, the ride up the hill, views from the Neroberg station of a train descending, and the taking on of water. After which the views are at the Neroberg featuring a First World War memorial, the magnificent views over Wiesbaden, some zoomed and panned shots of the city centre, fields of grape vines, and some of the architectural structures at the top of the Neroberg. The film ends with the view from the Nerobergbahn descending the mountain, most of this footage is speeded up 4 times. Read about the Neroberg Funicular Railway here: http://ift.tt/1uKvOa5 Read about Wiesbaden here: http://ift.tt/1mYMNnf

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