Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Doncaster Railway Station, South Yorkshire, England - August 2014 (plus bonus 2012 footage)

http://ift.tt/1yWIU4J Doncaster railway station serves the town of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire, England. It is situated on the East Coast Main Line 156 miles (251 km) north of London Kings Cross, and is about five minutes walk from Doncaster town centre. The station is managed by East Coast. It is a major passenger interchange between the East Coast Main Line and Cross Country Route and local services running across the North of England. It is also the point for which East Coast services from London divide, either branching off to Leeds or continuing north to Scotland via Newcastle and the North East. This film features footage of train movements at Doncaster Railway Station. It was shot on two days in August 2014. At the end of the film is a bonus section featuring some footage at Doncaster Station in 2012. In the film the following train operating companies are featured: AC Locomotive Group - http://ift.tt/1qnoKfz ; Cross Country - http://ift.tt/1qnoJs4 ; DB Schenker Rail (UK) - http://ift.tt/1uTkoDX ; Direct Rail Services - http://ift.tt/1qnoKfB ; East Coast - http://ift.tt/1uTkmvK ; First Hull Trains - http://ift.tt/1qnoJIv ; Freightliner - http://ift.tt/1uTkmvL ; Grand Central Railways - http://ift.tt/1qnoJIw ; Great Britain Railfreight (GBRf) - http://ift.tt/1uTkoUv ; Network Rail - http://ift.tt/1qnoJIz ; Northern Rail - http://ift.tt/1uTkoUx ; VolkerRail - http://ift.tt/1qnoKwb ; and Wabtec Rail Limited - http://ift.tt/1uTkmvR . Featured train class types are as follows: Class 08 - http://ift.tt/1qnoJIG ; Class 37 - http://ift.tt/KTXJDj ; Class 31 - http://ift.tt/1qnoKwd ; Class 43 - http://ift.tt/1uTkoUA ; Class 47 - http://ift.tt/1qnoKwf ; Class 66 - http://ift.tt/1uTkprn ; Class 67 - http://ift.tt/1qnoKMz ; Class 87 - http://ift.tt/1uTkoUB ; Class 91 - http://ift.tt/1qnoKMD ; Class 144 - http://ift.tt/1uTkpro ; Class 158 - http://ift.tt/1uTkprq ; Class 180 - http://ift.tt/1uTkprs ; Class 220 - http://ift.tt/1uTkpaR ; and Class 322 - http://ift.tt/1uTkprt ; and ballast tampers - http://ift.tt/1qnoMEj . To read more about Doncaster Railway Station click here: http://ift.tt/1uTkpaW . To read more about the town of Doncaster click here: http://ift.tt/1qnoL36 . If you liked this film there are many more like it on my YouTube channel http://ift.tt/1uTkpb0 please check out my channel and subscribe to my videos by clicking the red subscribe button. You can also find my travel films and photography updates on the following: Facebook: http://ift.tt/1qnoMEq please like my Facebook page; WordPress: http://ift.tt/1uTkpb3 please follow my blog by clicking the +Follow link; Tumblr: http://ift.tt/1w6b7dl please follow my blog by clicking the +Follow button; and Blogger: http://ift.tt/1yWIUBD please follow my blog by bookmarking the page. You can follow my travels on Twitter @mosstraveltv or by visiting http://ift.tt/1w6b5SD .

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