Friday, June 06, 2014

Review: Turnau Długa Apartment, Kraków, Poland - May 2014 I arrived in Kraków for a long weekend, in late May, 2014. I had struggled to find a reasonably priced hotel close to the centre, so instead opted for the Turnau Długa apartment, which I booked through This was a huge mistake. The temperature outside was 30 degrees, and the temperature in the apartment seemed even hotter. The central heating / radiators were on full power. A representative from Turnau, turned them off (so he said), however this did not work, and the apartment seemed to be over 90 degrees farhenheit the whole time I was there. I got no sleep, and when I opened the window mosquitos came in. On top of this there was a barking dog outside - I was miserable, so left a 8:00am the following morning and didn't go back. The free wi-fi in the apartment worked well, but I really didn't like this place. One final issue, there was a stain on the bed that looked suspiciously like human body fluids...I'll leave that to your imagination :( Be warned if you book this apartment, it isn't the one on that is pictured, and the location given on is not for this apartment, but is for the Turnau offices. My advice, just pay for a hotel.

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