Friday, June 13, 2014

Pontefract Monkhill Station, West Yorkshire, England - 12th June, 2014 I visit Pontefract but once per year, and that visit involves a change of train at Pontefract Monkhill Railway Station, so I can catch the train to Pontefract Tanshelf. Pontefract Monkhill is one of those quiet chilled out places, where it's particularly nice to just take in the atmosphere and do nothing. I've tried to capture that spirit of 'un-busyness' in this short film set at Pontefract Monkhill, which is actually the busiest station of the three that are in the town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. The film features views around the very quiet station, and views from the station down the lines, over the residential suburbs of Pontefract and towards Knottingley Power Station. In terms of trains, the film features the departure of the Class 144 Northern Unit train that took me to Pontefract, a stopping Class 142 'Pacer' Northern Unit en-route to Knottingley from Wakefield Kirkgate, and my approaching Class 144 Northern Unit to Tanshelf. The station is on the Pontefract Line managed by Northern Rail.

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